Project Management

The management of clinical programs and individual clinical trials is a complex and multifaceted task in our highly regulated environment and requires well-trained, integrated, and motivated cross-functional teams oriented to defined goals that are achievable within specified time frames.  Excellence in clinical project management, and clinical trial management is an imperative for an efficient and effectively run clinical trial.

13193943_xxlSDS Clinical LLC (“Strategic Development Solutions”) has a network of experienced clinical project managers who understand the complexity of, and the skills needed, to run an effective study in the current regulatory environment.  From managing the different functional teams that contribute to project success, to helping to engage and invest principal investigators and clinical research site staff in the study, an experienced clinical project manager applies their experience and understanding to drive the successful execution of the study.

SDS Clinical services in clinical trial management are tailored to be responsive to your business demands and budget, whether we provide project managers as a staffing solution, services in an advisory capacity, or in providing you with implementation of project management services for your clinical trials and clinical development plans.

Please contact us if you need any assistance or support in the implementation of effective and efficient clinical trial management for any of your programs or trials